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Israel, the Politically Correct War of 2014

I wonder how today’s Politically Correct movement would have fared during WWII? Our State Department is appalled that so many civilians have been killed by Israel in their effort to end the constant, unprovoked shelling by Hamas and to destroy dozens of tunnels that Hamas has used supplies they were provided to build schools and hospitals…

Perhaps if our State Department and government would put pressure on those innocent civilians to rise up against Hamas and condemn Hamas for their terrorist actions and misappropriation of funds and supplies for schools and hospitals, Hamas would stop using them as human shields and use the resources they have and receive to care for the people instead of trying to destroy Israel..

They should all be thankful I am not in charge of military operations. I would have my forces lay siege to the entire area and start destroying them until they submitted to an unconditional surrender! Oh my.. Did I actually just say that? YES! Does anyone recall how we won WWII? We brought them to their knees and demanded an unconditional surrender! We didn’t use nuclear drones to strike a couple of military commanders, we dropped a couple of nukes that annihilated everyone within miles of the blast, that sent the message to ALL of Japan that they did not want us to continue bombing them into extinction.. Yes, we killed thousands of innocent women and children with those bombs, but we brought the war to a screeching halt, that ultimately saved MANY more lives!

There was a time when we followed God’s rules of war in this country.. Yeah, yeah.. I know many think we have this whole separation of church and state thing, but if you read the bible you will see that our military tactics and procedures are yanked from the text, right down to how deep we bury our dung, to how far away from us we bury it…

We ALWAYS give the enemy an opportunity to surrender and avoid conflict.. Israel asked that Hamas simply quit shelling and trying to kill them, so they could live in peace… After the offer to surrender is rejected, you destroy your enemy! We should have learned by now that if you don’t, they will never quit trying to destroy you…

What happened to this country after WWII? We were amazing then… We beat them all into submission and put an end to it, then we helped them rebuild… It seems like every war since then, we merely seek compromise with people who would shake our hand with a smile, then slit our throats when we turn or backs… How did we get such weak leadership in this country? Why would anyone think it’s a good idea for Israel to agree to a cease-fire, for any period of time, when Hamas is and will only use that time to resupply and organize another offensive?

The politicians need to stay out of this and leave the military commanders in Israel to handle their business…. Little miss prissy State Department spokes woman, Jen Psaki, goes home every night to her comfortable home, sleeps in a comfortable bed, eats enough to feed a village of starving African’s, has never had to run into a bomb shelter in the middle of dinner, or while shopping on a Saturday afternoon…  She has NO capacity to understand what those people in Israel have had to endure for years now.. And people can debate the Palestine Israel thing all they want… This fighting is taking place for no other reason than that Hamas would not quit shelling them and digging tunnels for the sole purpose of breaching their border to kill Jews in Israel…

If America is involved at all, it should be to support them, not criticize them.. A lot of attention is given to the number of innocent women and children that have been killed by Israel in comparison the number of military personal Israel has lost in battle. I find it odd that no one considers how many innocent women and children in Israel would have been killed, if not for their highly effective Iron Dome Defense System. It’s not as though Hamas has targeted specific military targets with the hundreds of rockets they have indiscriminately fired daily into Israel on a daily basis. We know that their suicide bombers that have been effective in the past, did not launch not precision strikes against military targets… Their objective was clearly to kill and maim as many women and children as possible to terrorize Israel.  It really is amazing that there are those who criticize Israel for defending themselves.

American’s were furious when the Twin Towers were attacked and thousands of American’s were killed.  We didn’t stand for it and have been at war for 13 years now.  Imagine if we were attacked daily in such a manner…  Okay, so the terrorist are not always successful, but day-after-day attack us, sending everyone into bomb shelters until we are told it is safe again. Imagine every home built being required to have a bomb shelter underneath it…  Imagine living in constant fear that the terrorist would succeed again…  Then, imagine being criticized for fighting back to stop the insanity… Then, imagine the world wanting you to feel sorry for the people supporting the terrorist having to live as you have, in fear of being bombed.   I don’t know about you, but I would be furious if my government did not take action to defend us…

War is dirty and people die…  Allowing terrorist to continue to kill may not be as ugly on a daily basis, but people die and they continue to die until stopped!

Pray for peace!


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