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VIDEO: J Lo Leaves Fans Aroused As She Performs Without Panties

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WOW, I have to say that I am a country music fan and not this modern day Hip-Hop junk they listen to these days… I’m a Haggard, Jones, and Waylon man but you have to be blind to not know who Jennifer Lopez is the past couple of decades…

Everyone knows that Dolly Parton has two good reasons she’s well known and Jennifer Lopez has at least one and it’s the last thing you see as she leaves the room. The roads that lead up to it ain’t all that bad either… LOL

J Lo is known to be quite a dancer and performer on stage, which makes for a great way to promote her assets. She was recently performing on stage with Gente de Zona, whoever they are, and one of her fans noticed while filming the video below that she was missing something… Her panties… 🙂

This is the video that was posted on the fans Instagram that I found on dailymotion.

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  1. I used to see Ruby Starr back in the 70’s, with Black Oak Arkansas and her own band Grey Ghost, she was famous for never wearing panties!

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