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Liberal Lunatic Wants To SUE Facebook For Doing The UNSPEAKABLE To Her Husband


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If anyone needed proof that nowadays up is down, left is right, and people will go online to claim just about anything, a Twitter account from “Anne Boleyn” makes what has to be the most ridiculous charge of the year. Check this out:

All together now from the people who follow conservative blogs via Facebook and can never seem to find them due to the suppression algorithm:


Seriously, the whole point of the Facebook rigging was to censor conservatism and America first messaging, not to amplify it.

Really, how wacko is this woman? Well one blogger actually went to the Twitter account named for one of Henry VIII’s headless wives and tried to figure that out.

I checked out Anne Boleyn’s Twitter and she writes and retweets nothing but left-wing crazy shit. It’s all anti-Trump, pro-gun control liberal nonsense. She also resides in Los Angeles. There can be no doubt that she is a complete liberal nutcase.

I don’t for a second believe that she’s been married to a “conservative” of any kind for 33 years. Whacko liberal/normal conservative guy marriages rarely happen and definitely don’t last. In fact, I don’t even believe she is married to anyone. If I had to guess, I’d say she lives alone and has far too many cats, which she dresses up in cute outfits to help stave off the loneliness.

Just the fact that she’s threatening a class action lawsuit over this tells me she’s full of crap. A class action lawsuit is when many parties have been wronged by a single entity. In her rant, she is the only aggrieved party, which would be a simple civil suit. Maybe as a liberal nut she has an inflated sense of self-worth and considers herself so important that she qualifies as an entire class of people. Either that or she has Multiple Personality Disorder, in which case her “husband” may just be one of the many people inside her head.

In that case, the woman belongs in a mental hospital, not on Twitter where she’s making a complete idiot of herself.

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