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March For Our Lives Had Vulgar Rapper With DEPLORABLE Secret Perform

March For Our Lives

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So, are the kids who headlined at “The March For Our Lives” old enough to understand the concept of irony?

Vic Mensa, who sang his song “Now We Could Be Free,” dedicated his performance to Stephon Clark, a convicted felon who was fatally shot a week before the march after he was caught breaking into cars and homes. He was shot after taking a shooting stance with a cell phone when facing off against Sacramento police.

He also dedicated the song Decynthia Clements, who was fatally shot when she lunged at officers with a knife after a long standoff with police.

Mensa also told the crowd his song was dedicated to “all the unarmed black men and women killed by police weapons,” XXL Mag reported.

However, what the rapper failed to tell the crowd of gun control activists was that he had his own concealed-carry permit, and that he had been arrested in February of 2017 and charged with a felony count of carrying a concealed weapon after he tried to carry his gun in California with a concealed-carry permit from another state, TMZ reported.

For adults, that’s a big ‘ole “OOPS.” The guy essentially is exercising his Second Amendment rights in violation of the idealism of the gun control crowd who want to make the second amendment and all of its offshoots just go away.

Don’t they vet their entertainment before allowing them to go onstage and dedicate songs to people killed by police while in the process of committing felonies?

Apparently not.

At some point, there will be a reckoning of sorts when the gun control people are forced to admit that every civilization that has given up arms has ended up in a dictatorship. In the meantime, watching all of these gaffes is massively entertaining.

And while they are busy blaming the NRA for the violence we see in society today, they are promoting videos like the one below denying that they have anything to do with kids killing each other in high schools.



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