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Take A Hike McCain, We The People LIKE Trump’s Tweets


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John McCain just doesn’t get it. He and the other swamp creatures have no clue that not only are we no longer living in the twentieth century when Americans actually bought that there are differences between Democrats and Republicans other than their names, but that alternative media is not really all that offensive to people who do not take themselves too seriously. In fact, a whole lot of us have chucked the alphabet soup legacy media for something that doesn’t use psy-ops on us.

Not that McCain would notice. No, he can’t see past the mall in Washington.

Like a lot of the rest of the wrapped up in themselves political snobs who do not realize that time is ticking into the future in America, John McCain wants President Trump to put down his smartphone and quit Twitter.

When asked what advice he would give Trump, McCain said, “Stop tweeting.’ I think I’d say, ‘Stop tweeting.’ I think I would also say there’s no reason to attack Republicans. We’ve got enough people who attack them.”

Actually, McCain, We the People LOVE Trump’s tweets. It’s one of the few ways we can get the straight skinny on what’s happening in Washington without some talking head telling us how to interpret his words and what to think about the activities in the White House. We the people aren’t dumb, you know. We really don’t need the filters. What we are is fed up with business as usual from the people who talk a good game on the campaign trail and then turn around and do the lobbyists’ bidding when they get to Capitol Hill.

And actually, we’re also sick of the gentlemen’s agreement that has existed for decades that we aren’t supposed to criticize our own. Of course, with Republicans, the non-criticism always resembled a circular firing squad, but who is paying attention to that, eh? Oh, no, all we’re supposed to be is bamboozled by strong words, and, in your case, a war hero’s reputation that is disputed by just about every man who served with you.

Don’t think We the People are fooled when you and the other “public servants” on Capitol Hill complain about Trump’s tweets. We know what he is up to. He’s exposing you and the other swamp creatures for all to see. Just because you’d prefer to stay in your cave and not have the leader of the free world single you out for being the hypocrite you are is not We the People’s problem. In fact, as sick as you supposedly are with brain cancer, a lot of us are wondering why you’re still piddling around in the swamp. While you were away for treatment, everything kept rolling along, so why bother to stay?

Really, John McCain, take a hike. Washington – and the rest of America – can live without you.



~Deplorable Patriot~

Marine Reaper Jimmy Kimmel

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