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Media Forced To Admit Trump Is Actually A Popular Guy

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It looks like the American people, at least a decent percentage of us, are seeing through the vitriolic rhetoric the mainstream media throws at President Donald Trump on a daily basis hoping something, anything, will stick. One of the polling companies out there that conducts regular public opinion polls regarding all sorts of issues, Rasmussen, is reporting that 50% of the American public approves of the job he is doing.

See what fatter paychecks thanks to tax cuts will bring?

Despite receiving 90% negative press coverage on major broadcast networks and three times more negative reporting than former President Barack Obama, Trump currently boasts a job approval rating a full five percentage points higher than his predecessor’s approval on this date in the second year of his presidency.


That tidbit, though, was not the only piece of good news in this week’s surveys.

  • 70% of Americans consider religious faith to be important in their lives.
  • The majority of Americans do not believe that stricter gun laws will reduce violent crime.
  • 68% know that violence will visit schools regardless of precautions.

This, of course, runs counter to the narratives being pushed in the mainstream media by the likes of CNN and other alphabet soup networks that were able to control the flow of information to the people for years before the advent of the internet and the ability of the people to post information for all to see.

We out on the fruited plain are not falling for the hystrionics of the media any longer. Not only do we know our rights and recognize that the talking heads are doing their best to persuade us to give them up, but the events used to push that agenda are almost on a wash, rinse, repeat cycle despite the tragic elements. We the people aren’t falling for it anymore.

And…we like the man we elected as president.



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