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Obama May Have Allowed Our Military To Be Infiltrated Through The Immigrant Recruitment Program


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Fox News has learned that investigators with the Defense Department have discovered that our armed forces may have been infiltrated by hostile actors, thanks to the Obama Administrations lackadaisical and careless handling of all things dealing with immigration.

The Pentagon’s Inspector General has issued a classified report after conducting a thorough investigation that took more than a year to complete. While the existence of the report was made known to James Rosen, an experienced investigative reporter for Fox News, the details of the contents are unknown and remain classified, but nothing in Washington stays secret for long anymore.

The infiltration was made possible through the Military Accessions Vital to the National Interest (MAVNI), a Department of Defense program that allows for immigrants and non-immigrant aliens to get an expedited path to citizenship in exchange for military service.

The MAVNI program was created in the final weeks of the Bush Administration, but President Obama’s Administration actually launched the program. The primary purpose of the MAVNI program was to recruit people with unique foreign-language skills, or other useful skills that were in short supply.

The concept of the program was not and is not a bad one. There are a lot of valuable young men and women who desire to and have come to America wanting nothing more than to show their gratitude. Independent studies have found that MAVNI recruits outperform non-MAVNI soldiers in critical areas and in 2012 Sgt. Saral Shrestha who came from Nepal was recognized as the Army’s Soldier of the Year.

The way a program like this ends up more of a problem than an asset is when the Commander-In-Chief fails to diligently encourage careful vetting during the selection process. When you have an administration that believes terrorist need more job opportunities and hugs and promotes open borders with free and unrestricted access, it is scary to think how lax they would have been with those they believed were offering to serve the country.

The program was so carelessly managed that the Department of Defense can not even tell investigators where the candidates are serving, How many of them are serving, how many are no longer serving and where they are now, etc.,… In other words since 2009 more than 10,000 foreign-born individuals were recruited to serve in sensitive military positions, but no one has a clue what happened to all of them, how much may have been compromised, or who among them might represent hostile actors.

As it common with those we provide safe passage to, it does not take them long to learn about our amazing judicial system and seven of these foreign-born MAVNI enrollees have filed a lawsuit. Our new Defense Secretary James Mattis is named as the sole defendant in the lawsuit filed in February.

Take a deep breath now, you are going to need it when you read what the lawsuit alleges. The lawsuit these ungrateful twits filed alleges that the decision by top brass in September to tighten up access to security clearances issued through MAVNI has had a crippling effect on their military careers.

If you spot a tank going through town shooting up buildings and rolling over cars, it just might be one of these fine immigrants the Obama Administration gave a hug and a job before bothering to vet them…

This is just the beginning of the Obama Administrations recklessness conduct being revealed… The smoke screen they created with the Trump loves Russia story is starting to clear and when it does, I predict the Democrats will wish they had shut their mouths and rode their loss out when all is revealed.

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