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What The MSM In NOT Telling You About The Black Kid KILLED In Sacramento,

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Well, it has happened again and as with any tragic incident like this, there is enough blame to be spread around on everyone…

There is however always one person responsible for putting the wheel of tragedy in motion and in this situation, it is undoubtedly Stephon Clark! Stephon Clark is the 22-year-old black man who was shot and killed by the Sacramento Police outside of his grandmother’s house.

If you have heard the story told on any of the Mainstream Media Networks and listened to the interviews of Mr. Clark’s brother, or any of the protesters disrupting everything they can to get attention, then what you are hearing is the Sacremento Police killed an unarmed black kid who was holding nothing but a cell phone in his grandmothers yard.

The police did not just shoot Mr. Clark once or twice either, they unloaded twenty rounds into the poor innocent black kid holding his cell phone outside his grandmother’s house.

The incident and constant publicity about this poor unarmed kid being shot twenty times is gaining the attention of all the usual radicals like the Black Lives Matter and Al Sharpton and the demonstrations are getting more and more aggressive… I would not be surprised if they turn to riots around the country this weekend and we begin seeing incidents of looting, vandalism, and a vehicle or two torched in the street.

What really happened though, surely the police did not just roll up on this kid and shoot him for talking on his cell phone outside his grandmother’s house, right? OF COURSE NOT!

I am always amazed how others will fall in behind people who make such a claim though, believing the police would just walk up and shoot someone because they are black.

So what is the rest of the story? Well, the police received a report of someone breaking car windows shortly after 9 p.m, the timestamp from the video provided by the police shows them arriving on scene at around 21:25 hours, that’s 9:25 p.m. for those who can’t tell time. LOL

The video shows Stephon Clark running through someone’s yard and jumping a fence. Once on the other side, they run toward a vehicle parked in the driveway and can be seen looking in the vehicle in a manner you would expect if you saw someone looking for something to steal.

As the police who are on foot approach the house with guidance from the helicopter above, Mr. Clark must have heard them and takes off running to the other side of the house. You then see the police officers swiftly move behind the corner of the house and begin to shoot at Mr. Clark as they gained cover behind the wall.

That was the view from the helicopter of what transpired. The footage from the bodycam gives you a better idea of what was going on in the final moment.

The body cam footage begins as two police officers are approaching the house on foot. When they spot Mr. Clark he takes off running and the officers immediately begin to give verbal commands in a loud and clear voice for him to stop and to show his hands, Mr. Clark does neither.

When Mr. Clark runs around the corner of the house, the officers wisely stop to avoid being caught out in the open and continue to give verbal commands for him to stop and show his hands. When Mr. Clark does stop and turns toward the officers one of the officers yells “show me your hands, gun, gun, gun” as the two open fire on Mr. Clark.

The two officers appear to be fairly young and are clearly terrified, I have no doubt they felt justified in their minds shooting Mr. Clark and honestly believed he had a gun in his hand. In fact, after the two had fired some 20 rounds between them, they begin asking each other if they are OK asking if either had been shot.

As they continued to maintain cover they took turns reloading their weapons, then began yelling at Mr. Clark to show his hands and asking if he was OK? The two officers are clearly still afraid and requested a body shield on the scene so they could hide behind it as they approached Mr. Clark laying dead in his grandmother’s yard.

Now, as I said previously there is no doubt this was a good shoot, but I hope all involved are honest enough with themselves to evaluate the video available and identify their mistakes. There are some valuable lessons they should learn from this but it will also not be fair to Monday night quarterback the situation and start trying to hang anyone… They were doing their job, I will identify a few things they could have done differently, but they only had the blink of an eye in total darkness other than a flashlight swaying all over the place.

The FIRST lesson that should be learned from this is a lesson the public should learn… It is a lesson that would essentially bring all of these shootings to a screeching HALT! What lesson in that? DO NOT RUN FROM THE POLICE and DO NOT FIGHT THE POLICE! If parents of every race and ethnical background would start teaching their children to respect the police and follow their commands, these incidents would rarely, if ever happen.

I always get a bunch of tough guy talk when I tell people that and they start calling me a sheep and want to explain how the police have to have legal justification to arrest you and on-and-on… To them, all I can say is look how far that got Mr. Clark and all of the other kids who have been killed by police over the past decade or so…

The thing everyone should realize is you will NEVER, let me say that again, you will NEVER win a fight with the police on the street… Yeah, you tough guys might hurt one, or even kill one, but in the end, you will lose and either end up in a body bag or behind bars so long you will wish you had ended up on a body bag.

If you feel so certain that you have done nothing wrong, the police officer is not the one who is responsible for listening to your case… If you comply with the police and haven’t killed someone, you will be home in a few hours if you cooperate.

After you get arrested and then post bail and go home, you will have been given a court date… That is the place you want to argue your innocence. While no one ever wins a fight on the street with the police, plenty of people have won their argument in the courtroom and walked free. It’s a pretty common occurrence actually and if the police officer really was in the wrong and did something as egregious as you claim, chances are you might even see the judge remind him of how he should conduct himself.

Now for the other side of the coin. I’m not sure what’s going on these days… Maybe the police academy’s have to baby the recruits now because the Mother’s of America have invaded their training space and demand their babies be treated like babies… I don’t know, but if you watch the YouTube videos of police shootings in recent history, the young officers seem to be afraid of their shadows… The first hint of fear that hits them and out comes their sidearm and before you can say BOO! They have emptied a 16-round magazine… Or two.

If the fear overcoming them is not concerning enough, they rarely score more than a hit or two after they empty that magazine or two… I have yet to understand how these young officers who are taught to double tap… That’s two shots, then cover the target, end up on the street where the norm becomes keep shooting until your magazine is empty, then reload and do it again.

That sort of thing can only be from a lack of training, poor training, or no training. That is often a result of no funding because the pencil pushers expect the absolute best out of their police, but want it for free…

I know nothing about the training they receive in Sacremento, but these two officers acted like they had never had an adrenaline rush in their life… They get props for putting a good number of their rounds in the target though… I did a story a few weeks back where several officers unloaded more than 65 rounds and didn’t score a single hit between them.

I don’t know about the rest of you though, details aside, I get so frustrated by the liberal media never telling the real story and always doctoring things up so the only thing the viewers walk away with is, “Cop shoots unarmed black man,” as if police officers like we have in this incident clock in every day with nothing on their agenda but finding a black kid to shoot… That’s just nonsense and completely distracts the public and the jurisdictions from focusing on real problems.

SemperFi, ~SGT A~

Any officer can get by on his sergeants. To be a sergeant you have to know your stuff. I’d rather be an outstanding sergeant than just another officer.

—SgtMaj Daniel Daly 1873-1937

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