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BREAKING: North Korea Does The UNEXPECTED With UVA Student Sentenced To Hard Labor Last Year When Dennis Rodman Arrives In Country

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BREAKING NEWS: Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has confirmed that Otto Warmbier, the University of Virginia student that was sentenced to fifteen years hard labor in March 2016, has been released and is on a flight back to the United States.

The Washington Post is reporting that Otto has been in a coma since shortly after his hour long trial for stealing a propaganda sign. The official charge was “hostile acts against the state.”

According to the Washington Post report, Otto caught a case of botulism shortly after his trial, was given a sleeping pill, then never woke up.

This may sound a little harsh, perhaps even mean, but hey, I’m a Marine… When I watched the footage of this kids trial, he was crying like a baby and appeared on the verge of an emotional breakdown. My guess is he has been in, or has been leading the North Koreans to believe he is in, some sort of comatose emotional state. If that is the case, it’s probably the smartest thing the kid ever did in his life.

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The biggest mistake he ever made in his life was going to North Korea given the conduct of the mental midget running things there. Then, as if going to North Korea was not taking enough chance to entertain him, he steals a propaganda banner off of the wall of his hotel the night before he was to depart… They take their propaganda serious there. His final mistake, and probably the worst mistake after learning his fate, was breaking down and sobbing like a baby. A display of weakness like that would have made matters much worse for him, he was not going to get the sort of compassion one might receive in the west.

I was pretty harsh on Otto when I first wrote about him after he was sentenced. It was unfortunate that he was in such a situation, but it was nothing short of pure ignorance that he ended up in the situation he was in… The list of stupid moves is long starting with going to North Korea given the political climate between the United States and the mental midget. They have been grabbing up American hostages damn near every time a group of Americans land there and international law or one’s American citizenship means nothing to them.

I saw his parents interviewed on a program not long ago talking about how they would have expected as American citizen his Constitutional rights would have been protected and other similar silliness…

For those of you considering international travel, if you are not aware of this, pay attention… When you travel abroad, YOU HAVE NO CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS! You are subject to the laws of the land where you travel and being an American citizen does NOT get you special treatment.

I would also suggest you check the travel advisory list the State Department puts out and if they caution against travel somewhere, take their advice and change your plans…

I hope young Otto Warmbier is going to be OK and I’m glad he will be reunited with his family… I also hope he learned a valuable lesson…..

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