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NYC College Student SENTENCED For Running An ISIS Op


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Amazingly enough, all the surveillance that the American intelligence community runs pays off every now and then. In New York City, a college student by the name of Munther Omar Saleh was recorded as saying, “‘I’m in NY and trying to do an Op,” to a confidential source in 2015.

The details are a little unclear as to what came first, the conversation, or the days casing the Brooklyn Bridge, or extensive research on how to make a pressure cooker bomb, but all of that combined has given Saleh 18 years in prison.

Later, Saleh charged, while armed with a knife, at a federal officer who was watching him, prosecutors said.

‘Saleh attempted to turn our city into a staging ground for violent attacks,’ William Sweeney, the assistant director in charge of the FBI’s New York field office, said in a statement.

Brooklyn US Attorney Richard Donoghue said Saleh’s sentence would deter ‘those who contemplate waging violent jihad in New York City at the direction of a foreign terrorist organization.’

Saleh’s lawyer, Deborah Colson, said her client was relieved that the case was concluded.

‘Mr. Saleh is sincerely remorseful, and he is committed to making amends,’ she said in an email.

Yeah, that’s what they all say. From the court documents, it sounds like the guy wanted to do some serious damage to one of the U.S.’s great engineering and architecture marvels. Historically, the Brooklyn Bridge is amazingly important.

Saleh, an American citizen, was a college student when he was arrested in 2015.

His case was linked to five other conspirators in New York and New Jersey.

At least four of them have also pleaded guilty.

And one more terrorist plot against the United States was stopped in its tracks.




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