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Was The Obama Administration Being Blackmailed? Consider The Facts!


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Was The Obama Administration Being Blackmailed? Consider The Facts!

OK, I have to begin by telling everyone that I am not a big fan of conspiracy theories, I prefer to deal in facts. This is one of those Blackmailed theories though, that while not based on a known fact, is based on a pile of facts that easily support the theory.

I’m not sure how this theory is going to be received, but I would sure like as many people as possible to read about it. To the best of my knowledge, no one else has suggested this or put forth the idea that this is the reason why the Obama Administration caved into the Iranians, at EVERY juncture of the nuclear negotiations.

This possibility came to me as I was racking my brain, like most concerned Americans, trying to understand why this administration would make such a lame deal with the Iranians. Not only did they literally grant them their every demand, they have agreed to turn a blind eye to an agreement they made with the IAEA, that permits them to conduct their own inspections, using their own equipment and experts. That’s like asking a drug smuggler to certify on their own that they inspected their bags and found no drugs before allowing them to cross the border.

So anyway, I’m thinking to myself that something just does not add up, I know we joke a lot about liberals being brain-dead because they have different values and beliefs than us conservatives do, but all joking aside, they are not intellectually stupid. They may arrive at right and wrong differently than us, but they do know right from wrong… For the most part. LOL

As I was listening to the Hillary Clinton eMail scandal unfold on the news last night, they had some experts talking about how she refused to use a government-issued cell phone or iPad. They surmised that the foreign intelligence services could have picked up on the fact that she was using a private, unsecured eMail as soon as she received or sent an eMail to someone they were already monitoring. The discussion also mentioned that John Kerry had commented before Congress a few days ago, that the Soviets and Chinese were likely reading his email.

As they continued to discuss their concerns, one of the commentators rhetorically asked, “What would happen if Hillary was elected and Putin walked into the Oval Office with copies of incriminating evidence against her?”

For some reason, that comment flipped a switch in what brain I have left, and I thought… What if the Iranians, possibly with information provided by their ally, the Soviets, (Hillary was so careless they could have obtained the information themselves) took John Kerry aside, displayed some incriminating evidence, and told him to back off or face the consequences?

As careless as this administration has been, especially when it has come to network/cyber security, the possibility that any foreign intelligence service with slightest technical capability could have intercepted information at the highest level, is not a stretch of the imagination at all. And when you consider all the potential illegal scandals surrounding those at the highest levels in government, it is not hard to imagine that a foreign intelligence service could have some highly incriminating evidence on them. And let’s not forget about the insider Iran has—Valerie Jarret. Whose side is she really on?

Updated Information as of January 2017

Since I initially wrote about my theory suggesting that the Obama Administration was being blackmailed, Barack Hussein Obama has finished out his second term as President and new information has been revealed—that in my opinion—only further supports my belief that the Obama Administration was being blackmailed.

For example, in January of 2016, $400 million in cash was paid to Iran in exchange for 4 America hostages. The hostages were held in an airplane on the runway, until the plane with $400 million in cash money, made up of Euros, Swiss Francs, and other currencies landed. There was no way to track the cash and little doubt that the money was used for anything other than funding their state-run sponsoring of terrorist.

The $400 million given to them for ransom itself, does not really add anything to the suspicion of blackmail, it merely raises the question, “why did we pay ransom for hostages?” America does not pay ransom for hostages, it sets a very dangerous precedent.

The thing we did learn as a result of that $400 million payment, is that Barack Hussein Obama was secretly sending monthly payments to Iran.

Since January of 2014. Between 2014 and 2016, a secret payment of some $700 million a month was being sent to Iran By Obama. The exact total and details of what was taking place may never be known, but some experts who were investigating the transfer of these funds, suggest that as much as $33.6 Billion in cash and gold may have been sent to Iran.

Since Donald Trump has been sworn in as the 45th President, we have learned that in Obama’s final hours as President, he sent $241 million to the Palestinian Authority, $4 million to climate change organizations, and $1.5 million to the UN.

I find the payment to Palestine and the UN suspicious since Obama had the US abstain from a UN vote that was not in the best interest of Israel. The administration claims the money to the Palestinian Authority, was for food and medical aid. Palestine pays some $140 million a year, about 10% of their annual budget to the families of people who commit terrorist acts against Israelis, an unknown amount on shooting rockets at Israel, and various other terrorist efforts.

So with reasonable consideration given to the aforementioned facts, I submit to you that the leaders of our nation have been compromised at the highest levels within our government. I believe it is the only way possible any negotiator, holding ALL the cards, can sit down with an adversary that was desperate for relief after years of sanctions, then suddenly surrender that position of power, agreeing to every ridiculous demand made, while requiring no quid pro quo at all.

Who else, considering these things I just discussed, believes there could be some real validity to the possibility that the Obama Administration was being blackmailed?

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  1. Norma Butler Powell | January 25, 2017 at 10:19 |

    I do believe that you are correct. I also believe that the flip-flop that we saw with John Roberts on the Supreme Court ruling over the Affordable Care Act was motivated by blackmail. Keep digging my friend, and in honor of my Dad, Marine Sgt Harry L. Butler, WWII Tinien/Sampan Islands, SEMPER FI!!

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