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Obama WAS Behind Hillary Getting Away With So Much — BET On It

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As 2018 unfolds, We the People, the Deplorables, are seeing whole narratives of carefully crafted disinformation unravel before our eyes. After almost three years of denials, leaks, and investigations that seem to lead nowhere, very slowly, the very real, and very wrong machinations of the Obama Administration are being revealed for the world to see.

It begins with the widespread use of private email accounts (mostly Gmail, a product of Google) by government officials at the highest levels where classified information was passed around so as to avoid having government suffixes on the addresses.

That was initially covered up until too many emails surfaced to deny the reality any longer.

Then there was the matter of Hillary Clinton, she who facilitated the sale of American yellowcake uranium to foreign entities, doing all sorts of things that benefited her, but not the nation. In the case of Uranium One, the enriched material mentioned above ended up in God only knows whose hands. This is technically an act of treason, but she was not prosecuted for it – and under the Obama Administration was not going to be, either.

The question, of course, is who decided that would be the case.

James Comey started drafting his exoneration speech given on July 5, 2016, before the investigations were complete. (To be fair, his original language was much harsher than what was delivered. That language was removed by Peter Strzok who is now part of the pantheon of characters who were plotting to bring down Donald Trump both before and after the election.)

Loretta Lynch announced that as Attorney General she would follow whatever the FBI Director (Comey) recommended as far as charging Hillary with any crimes. Conveniently, that announcement came AFTER Lynch’s meeting on the tarmac with Mrs. Clinton’s consort Bill, but BEFORE Comey told the world that no reasonable prosecutor would pursue Mrs. Clinton for the crimes he outlined.

The question, though, is who made the decision not to prosecute. National Review’s Andrew McCarthy posits that it most likely was Barack Obama himself. Why? McCarthy argues that indicting Mrs. Clinton on email-gate would self-incriminate Obama himself since he participated in the whole fiasco.

True, but somehow, that argument doesn’t seem like it would be the whole story. That theory is just a little too neat.

The reality was that one way or another, Hillary Clinton wasn’t supposed to lose that election. With her in the Oval Office, all of this would go away. That is a given.

Too bad the American people had other ideas.



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