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Officer Involved Shooting, Ferguson, Missouri – August 2014

Okay, I’m going to make some comments and explain a few things. Why?  Cause I feel like it. LOL

So all week they have been rioting in Ferguson, MO.,  a St. Louis suburb, over the very unfortunate shooting of a young black kid.  And make no mistake about it, any loss of young life is unfortunate, whether it occurs at the time of their death, or over the course of their life because of bad parenting and bad decisions.

This propensity to make race an issue every time something like this happens is just wrong though and detrimental to our society and detrimental to the completion of closing a terrible chapter in American history called racism. Sometimes bad things just happen and there is nothing more to it other than it being a terrible thing.
The image that has been portrayed to the public has been that of a young black kid, merely walking along the street, was shot by a cop. The young man has been portrayed as a gentle kid, who would never harm anyone.

This morning still images of a strong-arm robbery that was committed minutes before he was stopped, show this gentle, but very huge kid, holding the store owner by the neck lifting him off the floor.  The police had received a description that fit the young man who was shot and that is why the police had stopped him. He was not stopped just for the heck of it.

Now, this in no way justifies the shooting, but there are a few things it should tell everyone. The first and most important in my opinion is that if the people want true American justice as they have been protesting for, (I’ll say more about the protest in a minute) then we need to quit jumping to conclusions and allow a proper investigation to be conducted. The other thing that we learned is that this very huge kid is not as gentle a giant as we were being led to believe. We have also learned that his friend who was with him, the primary witness promoting the story that they were just innocently walking down the street, is thought to have been his accomplice, so I’m going to wait for the forensics and other information from the investigation and not give this young man’s statement much credit.

Now that the myth of the gentle giant has been debunked, the community is dismissing that as irrelevant and focusing on the fact that the police shot an unarmed kid.  Of course it’s easy from the sidelines to sit back and say there are other ways to handle things without shooting the kid.

Well, let me first try to explain the deadly force thing to those not familiar with it. The use of deadly force is authorized only if ones life or another’s is threatened.  It’s real easy to spot its necessity when someone points a gun at you, but when you are confronted with an unarmed opponent, there are certain things one has to consider.  And remember, these are decisions a person has to make usually in a split second, or it could cost them their life.

In order to use deadly force against an unarmed person one has to perceive a threat to their life. There are a number of things to consider, but it comes down to one not just being threatened by someone, but that person making the threat has to be capable of delivering on it.  For example, in the case of a completely unarmed subject, if you are 6 ft 250 pounds and some 4 foot nothing girl says I’m going to kill you and attacks, in most instances you would not be justified in the use of deadly force.  In a situation like that you could only use that amount of force necessary to control her.  Now, on the other hand if you are a 4 foot nothing woman and a 6 ft 250 pound man says he’s going to kill you and charges in your direction, you have every right to shoot him. In the first example the little girl clearly could not possible hurt the huge man without a weapon and he can easily control her without deadly force. In the later example, there would be little doubt in any reasonable persons mind that the huge man could easily kill the little girl with his bare hands, thus she would be justified in using deadly force.

With that being said, the young man in question in St Louis was 6’4″ and I believe they are saying 240 pounds. If you have seen the image of him holding the store owner by his neck, you get a really good visual of what a beast the kid was. I have no idea how big the officer is, but regardless of his size, when you are dealing with someone that big, who may be trying to take your gun from you, the option of letting go of that weapon and grabbing a night stick, or a taser is just not one that reasonably exist.  To sit back and judge a man who may have perceived himself in a fight for his life, is just wrong of anyone.

Now, that having been said, I would point out that we just don’t know everything yet.  I have heard a rumor he may have been shot in his back.  If that happened it Is wrong under any circumstance. There is something known as the fleeing felon rule and without getting into case-law and a bunch of legal talk, that basically means you can’t shoot someone that’s running away that poses no threat.  Even if they have a gun and are no longer being a threat, you have to let them run.

Okay, I said I had more to say about the protesting.  Here in America the 1st Amendment to the Constitution guarantees us the right to PEACEFULLY assemble. Breaking windows, burning and looting local businesses is NOT the peaceful assembly for the purpose of redress. That is a mob of criminals and thugs and if they get hurt in the process it’s their own damn fault and has nothing to do with anyone trying to keep their voices from being heard.

It is important in these situations that we be patient and allow a through and transparent investigation to be conducted and not jump to conclusions. That IS the American way.  That IS justice!

We have to quit assuming everything is about racism, but if thorough investigation proves otherwise, then it needs to be properly dealt with and addressed.  Running wild in the streets, burning and busting your community up and looting does not do a damn thing to improve the situation or change things.

I’ve lived in an open squad bay with over 100 Marines of all races and ethnic backgrounds.  I can honestly tell you, we humans are all the same. There is no superior or inferior race or ethnicity, there are weak and strong among us all.  As one we represent nothing but strength and America has proven that over and over through our history as we have all had to come together to maintain the freedom and security of this great nation. To be sure we have some terrible moments in our history, but it’s time we continue to move forward and make our ancestors, who fought and died to give us all a better future as Americans proud!



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  1. No matter what happened in Ferguson. Innocent until proven guilty that goes for law enforcement as well as for civilian suspects.

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