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Report: Castro Heir Commits Suicide

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The unconfirmed word from Havana is that one of Fidel Castro’s sons claiming to be his oldest (yes, more than one son is claiming that title) has killed himself after a bout with a very deep and lasting depression.

The communist government of Cuba announced late Thursday that Fidel Castro’s eldest confirmed son, Fidel Ángel Castro Díaz-Balart, has died of a “suicide” after battling “a deep depressive state.” He was 68.

In a brief statement, the Cuban government alleged that Castro Díaz-Balart “had been under the care of a group of doctors for some months due to a deep depressive state.”

“As part of his treatment, he initially required a regimen of hospitalization and was later followed on an outpatient basis during his social reintegration,” the notice added.

The statement from the government does not include a number of details of Castro Diaz-Balart’s death including the method or how it was he was discovered to be dead. Reports indicate that previous attempts at suicide were unsuccessful.

Diaz-Balart is one of nine recognized children of Fidel Castro. He is commonly referred to as Fidelito, or little Fidel. His childhood was not pleasant, but, unlike at least one half-sister, he never openly rebuked his father for that, instead, he worked as a nuclear physicist for the nation of Cuba.

This particular suicide now puts the already contentious and chaotic Castro family into even more dysfunction. Fidel Castro’s last life partner birthed five of his children and was known to pit hers against the others despite them being younger. Fidelito was meant to take over from his uncle Raul, but that will not come to fruition, and that being the case, Fidelito’s brothers now will be in competition with Raul Castro’s progeny for power when Raul steps down in the next few months.



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