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Robert De Niro Proves He’s A Moron — AGAIN


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De Niro, do the world a favor and stick to acting, okay? That way the fantasy world you live in might actually make some sort of sense.

That is this writer’s message to the thespian who just can’t keep his mouth shut regarding things about which he is amazingly ignorant. This week, he’s headed to Dubai to trash President Donald Trump and to tell the world how dysfunctional this nation is by calling us temporarily insane.

From Yahoo: Hollywood star Robert De Niro took aim at the Trump administration’s stance on climate change, telling a packed audience in the Middle East that he was visiting from a “backward” country suffering from “temporary insanity.”

He said that in the country he’s describing, the head of the Environmental Protection Agency suggested last week that global warming may be a good thing for humanity.

“I am talking about my own country, the United States of America. We don’t’ like to say we are a ‘backward’ country so let’s just say we’re suffering from a case of temporary insanity,” he added.

De Niro received applause and laughs when he said the U.S. “will eventually cure itself by voting our dangerous leader” out of office. He spoke Sunday at Dubai’s World Government Summit.

Contrary to De Niro’s belief, the Deplorables out on the fruited plain actually acted in their best interest when we elected Donald Trump president. So long as the wall gets built, or at least Trump demonstrates that he is fighting the deep state on building it, he’s not going anywhere.

As for global warming…this planet was a lot hotter when the dinosaurs roamed it. Funny that the celebrities who are all about truth and remembering the past always seem to forget that.



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