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Socialized Medicine FAILING Again… FAILING Everywhere

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For decades now, there have been stalwart voices from the progressive left begging for Americans to consider switching to socialized medicine, cradle to grave health care provided by the government. It’s healthcare for all they say. It will solve so many social ills they say.

Well…in parts of the world where socialized medicine is the norm, and has been for generations, the people are protesting just to be able to be seen by healthcare professionals who are quitting in droves.

Thousands of people have marched through London demanding more government money for Britain’s overburdened National Health Service….

Marchers with placards proclaiming “Save our NHS” and “More staff, more beds, more funds” made their way through central London on Saturday toward Conservative Prime Minister Theresa May’s Downing St. office.

Britain’s state-funded health service has been under mounting pressure, with demand from a growing, aging population rising faster than investment. Winter illnesses and an exodus of stress-hit medical staff have led to thousands of canceled operations and long waits for ambulances and emergency treatment.

Oh, there’s that self-selective population control rising up again. It looks like the Brits are in the same boat as much of the rest of the west where the people didn’t have enough children to be able to maintain socialism, and now the population is aging and getting sick, and there is no one and no money to care for them.

This scenario is playing out everywhere governments provide for the people and they do not help themselves. And yet, that is what progressives want for Americans who are already seeing the effects of a social medicine lite. Obamacare has taken a similar toll, and that was after a nursing shortage was identified some years ago.

In Britain, additional medical personnel are being trained. However, until the issue of overstressing staff is dealt with, the problems brought on by socialized medicine will persist.

And progressives want that to happen here.



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