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BUSTED Obama Regime’s Blueprint For Spying On Americans, And, Yes, Trump


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Hillary Clinton wasn’t supposed to lose. That was what led the people of the Obama Administration to be so brazen in their efforts to spy on then-presidential candidate Donald Trump and a whole host of other Americans prior to the 2016 presidential election. Since Hillary Clinton was not going to lose by hook or by crook, there was no fear at the time of being found out.

But, as we all know, history has a way of biting the overconfident in the backside. Hillary DID lose, and now, the whole sordid story is beginning to come out of how the Obama Administration used the super-secret (and arguably illegal) FISA court to get “legal” access to surveillance that should never have happened.

The story itself is outlined in a 99-page document which is the source material for the four-page memo of #releasethememo fame that a number of Congresscritters are calling to be released to the public, including Reps. Devin Nunes, Jim Jordan, Louie Gohmert and more. That original 99-page document is actually available online, unlike the memo which remains classified, and according to at least one lawmaker, Rep. Adam Schiff, the contents are beyond the comprehension of the American people.

There they go again, the people who think they know better than everyday Americans, thinking we’re stupid just because we don’t practice modern politics. Newsflash for SCHIFFty-eyes: we Deplorables are not as dumb as we look.

What makes this memo and the document that preceded it so explosive is the step by step details that went into constructing this thesis paragraph:

In 2016, the Obama Administration used the “Russian dossier” and its baseless claim of a Russian-Trump collusion as the pretext for a FISA court-approved surveillance on then-candidate Donald Trump and members of the Trump campaign, including phone- and wire-taps. But as you will see in the 99-page FISC memorandum, the Obama Administration’s surveillance went way beyond Trump and his team to include innocent U.S. citizens, whose personal identities were doxxed and their personal information leaked.

We in America are supposed to have a right to privacy. Yeah, according to this, that went out the window under Obama even if the FISA court itself dates to the Carter Administration.

So, now we know. The government WAS spying on us. All of us. And thanks to Bill Binney who publicized that the document outlining it all is available online we can all find out how. Dig in, and let us know what is most egregious to you.



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