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Swedish Woman LOCKED UP After Being Reported For Posting A MEME


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Don’t look now, but in Sweden, there really is such a thing as thought police. Seriously. One woman of that country ran afoul of them when she shared a Facebook meme critical of Muslim men.

The 32-year-old woman from Gothenburg drew the attention of authorities after she posted the image …, which depicts a Muslim man having his brain removed and then being wrapped in Islamic head dress.

Uh-oh. It seems in Sweden you can’t do that – and fellow Swedes will snitch, too.

A reporter alerted police to the post, claiming that the woman had expressed herself “in a threatening manner” towards a protected group. The reporter passed on details of the woman’s identity and her place of residence.

Islam is a “protected group”? Really? The people who blow themselves up and behead those they don’t like just to make an example of them? Protected? And here most people would hope that status was reserved for children, the elderly, and those who cannot defend themselves. Islamists can definitely defend themselves.

So, what happened to this woman who dared to post a meme on Facebook that hurt absolutely no one?

The woman was then asked to visit a police station in Gothenburg, where her DNA was taken and entered into a criminal database.

The woman profusely apologized for the post, claiming she thought it was aimed at members of ISIS, while asserting that her best friend was Muslim and that she was ill at the time with a fever when she posted the image.

This did not satisfy authorities, who proceeded to interrogate her about her thoughts on Sweden’s “multicultural society” and whether she had “something against Muslims”. The woman insisted she was against the Islamic State, not individual Muslims.

See, actual, real thought police. As a result of a single decision that had zero impact on anyone other than her, this woman faces two years in prison for hate speech.

Many of us watching from afar will refrain from publishing our thoughts on the thought police and criminal proceedings against those who post memes on Facebook.



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