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Transgender Flaunts Military Ban, Signs Up Anyway


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At first, the transgender crowd was all atwitter about the transgender ban in the military espoused by President Donald Trump. Now, some of them made a ballsy move and signed up anyway.

An openly transgender recruit has — for the first time — successfully signed a contract with the US military.

The Pentagon confirmed this week that the recruit passed the physical and medical exams and signed the contract. “The Department of Defense confirms that as of February 23, 2018, there is one transgender individual under contract for service in the US Military,” Department of Defense spokesperson Dave Eastburn told CNN.

So, there’s a good question of what is worse here. The transgender crowd openly flaunting a ban meant to keep them safe from some of the people who would object to their presence in the military, or the fact that military recruiters and officers are defying their Commander in Chief.

The development comes despite President Donald Trump’s attempts to keep trans people out of the military. Last year, Trump said that he would reinstate a ban on openly trans people serving in the military — moving to undo previous work by President Barack Obama’s administration to overturn the old ban. But Trump’s ban has been held up by courts, forcing the military to allow openly trans recruits to join starting this year.

Ahh, the courts again. For some reason they seem to hold everything up. And Congress isn’t helping when so many federal vacancies are not being filled in a timely manner.

Where have we heard that before.

As of this writing, news outlets have no further information on this transgender recruit. Not the branch of the military, which gender the person identifies as…nothing other than a report that it has happened. Well, and of course, left wing outlets gloating over the news.



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