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Trump Accusers Band Together


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It was a move that all people watching the machinations in Washington were expecting. Sooner or later, it was figured that with all of the famous people being nailed to the wall with allegations of sexual harassment and/or abuse, some women, unheard of before now, would come forward and accuse President Donald Trump of doing the same thing to them.

Three women ranging from across President Trump’s public life claim that they were on the receiving end of his attention, and for them, it was unwanted. They’ve now gotten together to form a trio, and held a press conference where non-provable allegations were made.

Jessica Leads, who calls herself “the senior member” of Trump’s accusers, said that Trump groped her on a plane many years ago when she worked as a traveling sales rep. She described how she contacted The New York Times during Trump’s run for the presidency in disgust at seeing the Access Hollywood tape where he bragged about doing the things to other women that he had done to her….

Samantha Holvey, who was a Miss USA contender in 2006 during Trump’s involvement with the pageant,

‘If they were willing to investigate Sen. Franken, I think it’s only fair that they do the same with President Trump.’
Rachel Crooks answered a question from a Fox News reporter about what she hoped to accomplish with the news conference and whether or not she intended to sue Trump as other accusers have.

‘What am I going to sue him for, being creepy?’

Crooks called Trump’s support of Roy Moore “absolutely disgusting,” and answered whether or not she thinks Trump should resign in the light of all of the accusations against him that she thinks “he should’ve never been elected,” and that she does not expect him to resign. Holvey said that “nothing about Trump surprises me anymore.” Leads agreed, saying “he has no moral compass” but believes he will at some point be “forced to resign.”

‘It’s important enough to me to bring this up and hope that we can get some sort of change in our culture that will improve the situation going forward.”

It never occurs to the idiots falling for this move that Donald Trump has been in the public eye for decades, and these women have had plenty of opportunities to come forward and besmirch his name. The fact that this comes in the midst of so many other accusations both believable and not lends credence to the idea that all of this is a set up to take down the Trump Administration.

The women involved with this smear job claim that they hope Congress investigates, thus extending their five minutes of fame to maybe a half an hour. The problem with that the coven doesn’t quite realize is that Congressional investigations accomplish absolutely nothing. They are stages for the people on Capitol Hill to grandstand. They’re basically asking for Congresscritters to give their claims the Benghazi treatment.

Seriously. If they were telling the truth, wouldn’t they want results far more meaningful than “at this point, what difference does it make?”



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