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Trump Considers Budget Veto Then Caves With STERN WARNING


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It was a classic in the President Donald Trump trolling repertoire. First thing in the morning after the swamp passed a massive omnibus spending bill, the man himself sent out a tweet that had many people all atwitter:

Dreamers talked amongst themselves that they were ignored by their champions, and American conservatives cheered that Trump would at long last be taking a tough stance on not just funding the border wall, but the spending that is completely out of control in Washington.

And then the president blinked…or so he wanted everyone to think. There is always a method in Trump’s madness and his decision to sign the bill outright called a crap sandwich by The Daily Wire has all the hallmarks of giving something to get something in return. (Hopefully. This is Washington, after all.)

It’s not surprising that Trump would sign the bill. After all, he was informed about its progress at every step of the way by Republicans in Congress, he didn’t want another government shutdown, and at no point did he use his leverage to get Republicans to change the language of the bill. But it is just another demonstration that the president’s credibility is shot with regard to the political threats he makes. It means that Republicans will continue to ignore him, send him the bills they want, and count on him to sign them — and it means they won’t bother to negotiate with him, since he doesn’t want to negotiate….

But then he added, “I’ve signed this omnibus budget bill … there are a lot of things that I’m unhappy about.” He stated, “I’ll never sign another bill like this again.”

The veracity of that statement remains to be seen. However, there will not be the bad optics of a government shutdown, and for now the military is fully funded.

What the man’s reasoning is for this move is anyone’s guess.

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