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Liberals Continue Narrative The President Is A Failure But They Forgot ONE Thing


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Well, well. It seems more Americans with landlines who are willing to take political polls are answering the phone these days. According to the old guard polling institutions that rely on such ancient technology, the American people are increasingly jumping on the Make America Great Again train.

…the Gallup poll, which has been an outlier with its bad news, has Trump at 40 percent approve (55 percent disapprove) after weeks in the mid-thirties. One of the reasons Gallup is an outlier is that it polls all U.S. adults, rather than screen for registered or likely voters. For a time, Trump’s disapproval in this poll was over 60 percent.

The Rasmussen poll, one of the most accurate of the 2016 presidential election, shows Trump at a pretty healthy 45 percent approve, 53 percent disapprove. Better still, the president has been in the mid-forties going back to December 22.

The rebound can also be seen on the Real Clear Politics poll of polls. A few weeks ago, Trump was upside down with a dismal 37 percent approve, 58 percent disapprove average — or 21 points underwater.

As of today he sits at a much healthier average of 41 percent approve, 56 percent disapprove — or 15 points underwater, which is an overall improvement of six points.

Oops. That certainly doesn’t fit the Trump Derangement Syndrome narrative being pushed by the mainstream media. According to the polls, The Donald is winning over the people.

Whether that is with words or deeds it is not yet clear, but the tax cuts cannot hurt nor can re-entering the space race, and a whole host of other efforts underway both in public and behind the scenes.

A booming economy, ISIS pretty much destroyed without us having to add a single boot on the ground (that we know of), regulations slashed, energy production and exploration booming, superb judges in record numbers confirmed, a stock market zooming to highs that seemed impossible only a year ago. Black, Hispanic, and overall unemployment sit at record or near-record lows. And so much more…

Trump is not only getting things done, as the indisputable results show, he getting these big things done efficiently and competently.

And in the end, this is all the voters care about or should care about.




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