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Voter Identification Cards

OK, the topic of voter identification has been on my list of things to rant about for some time and it looks like today is the day I’m going to say what I think about it.

Requiring voter identification in a country that is full of immigrants would seem like one of the most intuitive, sensible things to do! The argument that requiring identification prevents any eligible voter from voting is just absurd! I have never heard anyone, republican or democrat, express a desire to keep any eligible citizen from voting. I have heard many representatives of the democratic party claim that voter identification is a ploy by the republicans to prevent minorities from voting and such an assertion is ludicrous!

Given the results reported from many polling stations around the country during the last presidential election, every American should be concerned about the integrity of the voting process in America. Many polling stations reported anywhere from 110% to 150% of registered voters casting votes. This should disturb everyone, especially when you consider we typically only see a 40% to 60% voter turn out during presidential elections.

What I find humorous is the argument that requiring identification impairs the minority vote, because they typically are poor or indigent, and have no means by which they can obtain identification. This is the basis on which the democrats make their argument. I would submit to you that if this is the case, then discrimination is rampant in America and something needs to be done to end it ASAP!

Lets face it, you can do nothing without an identification in America! Hell, for that matter, you can pretty much do nothing in most of the world without an identification. You can not drive without an identification, you can not cash a check without an identification, you can not fly without an identification, you can not tour the White House without an identification, and you can not gain access to see your Congressional or Senate representatives without an identification.

The list of things that require an identification in America is endless, in fact, a person can not even work in America without an identification. I’m sure everyone that has ever held a job is familiar with the federal governments I-9 form. How is it that the government can require a worker to provide TWO forms of identification to work in America, but then claim requiring identification suppresses and oppresses the minority voter? Are they trying to prevent them from working?

What we are really dealing with here, is a political party that is more concerned with getting every possible vote, from every person willing to vote, eligible or not! We are dealing with a political party that caters to and depends on the poor, the indigent, and the ignorant to win elections! I know that may sound harsh, but it’s true and accurate!

Almost everything the democratic party does revolves around convincing the poor that they have their best interest in mind, while protecting and lining the pockets of the very wealthy. They give them free food, free rent, and free cell phones. They give them unlimited unemployment and their children substandard education. They do nothing to build the poor and indigent up so they can become Independent. They convince them they are dependent on government and do everything to keep them that way.

They enslave them in government dependence, then convince them that the republicans, or anyone else that tries to encourage independence and self-reliance has no concern for them. They do all of this while silently helping the very wealthy and those that have dominion over their lives. The democrats condemn the republicans as nothing but a bunch of wealthy old white guys, only concerned with the rich, while they are the ones giving the rich and famous of Hollywood tax exemption on top of tax exemption. It doesn’t end there either, they give relief and aid to the large union leaders and large corporations. They do all of this while pointing the finger at the republicans being the money mongers.  They need the poor, indigent, and uneducated to win elections. They are predominately the uninformed half of the country that will believe their rhetoric and not research the facts.

So, lets go ahead and assume that the minorities in America have no way to obtain an identification because they don’t have any way of getting to a DMV to obtain one. I don’t think anyone should be deprived of the ability to get an identification. I find it odd they have no way of getting to a DMV to obtain an identification, yet can get to a polling booth, but just for the sake of eliminating the appearance of unfairness, lets place a mobile identification booth at every polling station during the next election, so that every American has access to the ability to obtain identification so they can vote!

We live in the computer age and there is no reason why we can not have someone available at the polling stations to verify a persons citizenship and issue them a valid photo identification. This would solve the problem for everyone.

There is no reason why everyone who cast a vote in America should not be identified and verified as an eligible voter and a record kept to prevent them from voting twice! Anyone who argues otherwise, is merely trying to protect a system that will enable the integrity of the process to be compromised.


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